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Maria Galland

You can get all products of Maria Galland comfortably at my institute. You are also welcome to buy directly in the official online shop of Maria Galland. Please use one of the following buttons, the institute code (6033571) is already filled in for you.

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Neovita products can only be purchased directly from me, since they do not offer online shopping. You can find more information about the products at the website of Neovita. Of course I will be happy to advise you personally.

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My favorite products for the cold season

Produktbild Maria Galland 380 Masque de nuit récupérateur Lumin'éclatDuring the night, the skin's regeneration and recovery mechanisms work at full speed. This night mask supports the skin's natural processes and reduces signs of tiredness. Efficient anti-ageing and moisturising active ingredients of the night mask perfectly moisturise the skin and give it new energy.

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Produktbild Neovita Skin Nourishing OilSkin Nourishing Oil from Neovita is a particularly rich and intensive skin care that supports the natural skin functions. The combination of precious oils and their high-quality essential fatty acids have a barrier-strengthening, regenerating and moisture-preserving effect. Squalane (made from olive oil) has a balancing effect, prevents the oxidation of the skin's own fats and gives the skin a wonderfully silky feeling.

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