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As a teenager I watched my mother do yoga exercises. Today, in her mid-seventies, she is still very flexible, her muscles are strong and the overlying skin is smooth. I also love yoga and sports. Everybody is convinced that sport prevents our muscles from becoming weak and shapeless. But why don't we also train our facial muscles? When I came across the Face Yoga Method website, I thought - yes, that's it!

Now I'm totally excited to have integrated Face Yoga exercises into my life and to be able to share this wonderful method with my clients - it's the best face care ever! If you want to experience what is possible and how you can successfully change your face, please contact me. I look forward to supporting you with my experience and knowledge.

Courses and individual lessons take place in my practice in Munich. If you don't want to attend courses or if you don't live nearby, we can arrange lessons via Skype or FaceTime.